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Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta

Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta is committed to empowering our patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This includes helping patients understand the cost of care and the availability of financial assistance.

In compliance with federal law, Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta provides a list of standard charges. These are reviewed on an annual basis. Charges for hospital services are not equivalent to the actual amount paid by insurance companies or patients. The amount paid for services is based on many factors, including health insurance benefit plans, applicable discounts, and services provided based on each patient’s unique needs.


  • I understand that the list of standard charges includes only hospital services and does not contain professional fees for non-Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta physicians or advanced practice providers. It does not contain professional fees for anesthesia, physicians or advanced practice providers.

  • I understand that a single line item charge may not represent a complete medical service. In general, multiple charge line items are necessary to represent all components of a service (e.g. procedures, supplies, and drugs).

  • I understand that the list of standard charges is not intended for media use.

  • I understand prices are the list price of all hospital charges and not necessarily what my insurance company will pay or what I will owe to the hospital. My actual bill may include one or more of list price charges.

  • The hospital typically accepts a rate that is less than the list charges. Your insurer will determine what you will owe after they have paid their agreed upon amount.

  • We know that the billing and payment processes may seem overwhelming at times. Please contact our team at 877-558-6248.

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